Guardian interviewt Damien Hirst

Damian Hirst

Quene, 1 AM, 2004, 9 kleurenets, oplage 100, 16.000 € ex online te bewinkelen bij Other Criteria.

Damian Hirst Painting By Numbers

Voor wie liever zelf de puntjes op de i zet heeft eyestorm Painting By Numbers 2 in de aanbieding. 90 kleuren, 90 kwasten en de doos is met de hand gesigneerd door de artiest zelve. Oplage 175, prijs € 6462.50 inc

“A middle-aged businessman? […] he seems every bit as interested in his £3m country house, his £100m fortune […] These days he employs 65 people, including a full-time business manager […]”


Maar ook, over criticaster Adrian Searle, die over hem schreef “The shallows of Andy Warhol’s art were deeper than Hirst. […] Joseph Beuys had better dress sense. Paul Thek put weirder things in boxes, Francis Bacon told funnier jokes, and Jeff Koons had a smarter team of photorealist knock-off artists working for him.”:

“If he writes something like that then it’s very difficult, next time you see him, not to punch his fucking face in.”

Leuk leesvoer kortom.,,1801572,00.html

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