BMW Art Car Collection


“Leuke kleurijke stropdas (nieuw), in opdracht van de Society Shop in 1996 ontworpen door Corneille. Laat er maar eens op los, dan zult u zien dat deze stropdassen zeer gezocht zijn.” (Link)

Een stropdas of vulpen besmurfen kan iedereen (Corneille), artistiek aan de slag met een heuse wagen is gans andere koek.

Kijk, lees en huiver.


De BMW Penck met zonder dak

“For A.R. Penck, the BMW Z1 was already a “work of art”, in which the creativity and fantasy of the engineer and designer were reflected.”


Jenny Holzer

“What is crucial for the perception of her word art is the context in which it is presented. “Protect me from what I want” – seen against the backdrop of the most spectacular car race in the world, with its battle for places and prestige, the word artist’s plea for survival gains a whole new meaning.”


David Hockney

“Hockney took several months and allowed the inside of the BMW 850 CSi to be outwardly visible”

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