Brancusi mere merchandise


Oiseau dans l’espace (Bird in space) – Constantin Brancusi (Link)

Uit de New York Times van 1927:

“The works of Constantin Brancusi, modernist sculptor, so-called disciple of pure beauty and pupil of Rodin, are not art, according to a ruling announced yesterday by F.J.H. Kracke, United States Customs Appraiser.”

Oftwel: Must Pay Duty as Mere Merchandise. Toch een vette 40%.[…]17&sq=brancusi&st=p

(* De kubist Duchamp trekt van leer.)
(** De No Art-claim weder ingetrokken.)
(*** Verse Oiseau dans l’espace verkocht voor $27,456,000 mei 2005.)

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