Weisser Salon @ Version 08

Gisteravond opende bij Country Club Gallery in Chicago een groepstentoonstelling van het Berlijnse kunstenaarsinitiatief Weisser Salon.

Met werk van Manuela Barczewski, Sonia Jiménez Alvarez, Annette Jonak, Sabrina Jung, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Anne Lass, Patricia Neligan, Almut von Pusch en Rivkah Young.

Nog te zien t/m 27 april a.s.

Sabrina Jung, Stages scenery models, 2007.

Anastasia Khoroshilova, Islanders, 2002-2006.

Anne Lass, Milwaukee Avenue, 2005.

Almut von Pusch, Ich bin du (I am you), 2007.

Rivkah Young, Colorium, 2004, 2006.

Patricia Neligan, Vorübergehend, 2007.

Annette Jonak, Untitled, 2008.

Weisser Salon @ Version 08

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5 Responses

  1. E.Rosie says:

    ..isn’t that that Jeroen Bosch dude from Holland in the left?

  2. E.Rosie says:

    Jeroen Bosch wednesday, I get it!

  3. ss says:

    JK fo life

  4. Hi,

    wasn´t it a nice festival in Chicago…next year again, or?
    Hope you are fine.

    Thank you, for having the pictures of the opnening on your website. Its really nice and we had send the link to many people…

    I found one little mistake. My pictures voruebergehend are not from the year 2003, but from 2007. Its no drama, but if you change things anyway one day, maybe you could change that, too. Thanks.

    What are your next projects?
    Do you have an idea were we could ask to exhibit with our Weisser Salon in Rotterdam or Amsterdam?
    Can your recommend some OFFSpaces?

    take care
    the Weisse Salon sends HELLO!

    patti neligan

  5. JB says:

    > My pictures voruebergehend are not from the year 2003, but from 2007


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