Niet in de winkel

Maar op de veiling:

Marc Bijl; Every Cult, It’s Castle, 2008
Mixed media on canvas
Courtesy of the Artist and The Breeder Gallery, Athens
Estimated Retail Value: $29,500.00

“The important artwork in this auction references the Queen of Netherland (the eye).”

(Via ctrlaltdelete)

De grote winkelwaardetest bij Yvon Lambert Gallery zondag 5 oktober: Cocktails & Silent Auction 5:00 pm

Folkert de Jong; The Practice ‘Take 7’, 2008
Styrofoam, pigmented polyurethane foam, wood
Courtesy of Office For Contemporary Art, Amsterdam
Estimated Retail Value: $46,000.00

“One work in 2007 (Mount Maslow at HVCCA) was simultaneously on the cover of 4 art magazines including “Sculpture.””

Thomas Hirschhorn; Ur-Collage, 2008
Series: B-XXI
Cardboard, prints, transparent
Courtesy of Artist
Estimated Retail Value: $15,000.00

“This new auction work is important and provocative as are all the best of Hirschhorn.”

Yigal Ozeri; Untitled; Priscilla with Vines, 2008
Oil on canvas
Courtesy of Artist and Mike Weiss Gallery, New York
Estimated Retail Value: $40,000.00

“These gorgeously painted canvases brilliantly reference an important history of painting female nudes and landscape recontextualized”

Adam Stennett; Girl with Ballantine, 2008
Oil on wood
Courtesy of Artist
Estimated Retail Value: $10,000.00

“[…] their power resides in its keen and observant focus. ”

Oil on canvas
Courtesy of Artist and Contemporary Fine Arts; Photo: Jochen Littkemann
Estimated Retail Value: $23,200.00

“Jonathan is above all […] an equisite and utterly original human being where art rules. […] his [art] is a generous and profoundly humble understanding of humanity”

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3 Responses

  1. Jack Segbars says:

    Geweldig die onderteksten. Kunstwerkjes eigenlijk.

  2. ET says:

    Laat maar weten wanneer die veiling is, dan beroof ik ze een voor een.


  3. stefan says:

    Dit is tenminste handel. Ik zou bijna zelf kunstenaar willen worden!

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