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“The 2nd edition of Ataris prominent VCS 2600. The difference to the first release with wooden decor are 4 switches on top instead of 6 switches. The systems themselves are fully compatible, every 2600 game runs on both. A tiny change for normal people, but an important difference for a collector.”

“Among the strangest pieces of hardware ever released, the Virtual Boy was another take of the Game Boy inventor, but was a flop in Japan and the USA. It contained goggles which gave a good 3D-picture, but was strange to play with its position on a table.”

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4 Responses

  1. Hier ga ik heel hard op..

  2. RnB says:

    Gasten, dit kan ik niet handelen in een keer.

  3. SK says:

    Ik pleit voor zo’n stickerbehang bij Bodega met consollection…

    Te gek.

  4. Ejay says:

    (betekend fantastisch in japans)

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