Ad Van Denderen – So Blue, So Blue

Split, Croatia, 2006

Verkansiedromen – omdat het hier weder nat sneeuwt(?!)

Superseries Ad Van Denderen: So blue, so blue. Edges of the mediterrean.

(Via we-like-art!)

DURRES, ALBANIA 2004 After Enver Hodja’s Stalinist regime, a Mercedes became the ultimate status symbol.

MALIA, GREECE 2005 People walk half naked between tourism’s gravestones. You can only eat ‘globalised’ food here, just like in all the other tourist haunts along the coast.

MAGALLUF, SPAIN 2004 Magalluf is little more than an English colony on Mallorca.

LARA, TURKEY 2005 Topkapi resort.

PORT SAID, EGYPT 2005 The exodus from Cairo begins in the summer. Families flee to walled resorts on the Mediterranean. Women bathe fully clothed and always accompanied by a family member.

Uren klikplezier. Achttien briljante series. Ook thematisch toegankelijk.

Website Ad Van Denderen:

Projectsite So Blue, So Blue (klik en geniet):

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  1. Johan Nieuwenhuize says:

    Fantastisch project van Van Denderen. Een van de weinige fotografen die nog slow journalism bedrijft. Zie ook

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