“Fitted with a blood dispensing mechanism and lower-abdomen-stimulating electrodes, the Menstruation Machine is a device which simulates the pain and bleeding of an average 5 day menstruation process of a human (As a female designer I have done my best to simulate my own, at least).”

Bouwde onder andere een ongesteldheidsmachine, een open source penis en zingt liedjes over Googel en Skype.


Penis Cybernetique, waking up in the morning, 2009.

“Penis Cybernétique (チンボーグ)draws inspiration from Open Prosthetics, a movement to make designs of prosthetics (which are currently mostly commercial and expensive) accessible and open source.” … “How will the amateur culture manifest in the design of bodies, will we begin to see prosthetics designed for extremely personal uses, for comfort, obsession, crime, sleaze, curiosity and pleasure?”

Skype Song, 2009.

The Google Song, 2008.


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