John Baldessari

John Baldessari, Terms Most Useful in Describing Creative Works of Art, 1966-68. Acrylic on canvas; 114 x 96 inches. (Link)

John Baldessari. Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell, 1966-68. Acrylic on canvas. 68 x 56 1/2 in. (172.7 x 143.5 cm). (Link)

John Baldessari, Everything is purged from this painting but art,no ideas have entered this work 1966 – 1968 (Link)

John Baldessari, What This Painting Aims to Do, 1966-68
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 68 x 56 1/2 inches (Link)

John Baldessari, Space (Link)

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