Abner Preis @ Harlan Levey Projects

“Peter Parker, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne all understood the power of dressing right; passing unsuspected in daily life, their masquerade gave them liberty to express a side of their selves that was unconventional and even transgressive. The Superhero Project allows ‘ordinary’ citizens access to the liberty of free expression that comes from wearing a mask, and, by extension the transformative power of fashion.”

Zet maar vast in de agenda, van 22 t/m 24 oktober, Abner Preis als vreemde eend in de bijt tijdens Modo Brussels. Tevens de inauguratie van de gloednieuwe Harlan Levey Projects Showroom. Je kan dat weekend ook op superheldentour door Brussel (wel even reserveren).


Ingevoegd 23 september, het straat promotieteam.

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11 Responses

  1. beaglewitz says:

    goed zo, lekker en mooi – tof stuff instead of more useless dingetjes …hahahoho super ….

  2. johnholmes says:

    Im super huge cock.

  3. cu says:

    super zoet

  4. NP says:

    Ingevoegd 23 september, het straat promotieteam.

  5. Mia says:

    Als ik een superheldin was zou ik graag kunnen vliegen en super flexiebel en sterk zijn…een beetje als superman maar dan stoerder, want ik zou ook nog een shape-shifter zijn, waardoor mijn geheime identiteit nooit publiek wordt.

  6. josh m'stricht says:

    ik ben super langzaam, maar ook super snel op de selfde tijd … ik ben ook super slim en super stom

  7. Lisillionair says:

    The 3 powers of Lisillionair:
    1. beeing able to transfer money from any bankaccount to any other bankaccount in order to solve the problem of poverty.

    2. beeming from any space to any other space (not restricted to the known universe or time)

    3. freezing the time without causing damage in other dimensions

  8. Curatrix says:

    1. 1) telepathy, 2) cross-dimensional awareness, 3) time travel

  9. TheItalian says:

    Play the guitar

  10. Mr. 1%er. says:

    1- The ability to annoy someone to the point they have a total break down on a emotinal and physical level in mere seconds. Thus rendering any super powers they might have totally useless. I sneak in between the frantic exasperated cries, and take em out. (This power makes me tear like i am cutting onions and sweat like i am eating spicy food.)

    2- The ability to make people fall in love with me at will. Thus adding their skill set of powers, connections and ideas to my own cause and agenda no matter how far from their own views and opinions it might be. (this power give me nosebleeds when i use it. The more love, the more blood.)

    3- The ability to have a high powered camera in my eye to document things from afar (both still and video). This talent will come in handy when i am making people fall in love with me or go insane. The pictures i show them will bend them to my will and can be implanted deep inside their mind to cause the most havoc, destruction, inspiration and infatuation to a persons general well being. (showing people these images though mind connection causes me extreme migraines. it is worth it.)

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