Koshi Kawachi

“OK” “give you”, POCARI SWEAT(canned soft drink) , Coca Cola(canned soft drink), 2010.


(via Triangulation Blog)

MANGA Farming, 2009.
Comic book, seeds (radisch sprout), water, sun, air.

Beautiful Stain, 2010.
These color spreads by oil oozing out from snack. Shape changes by progress in time.

Snack Diamond Ring~For the Love of Now~, 2010. POTECO(Japanese snack),Diamond.

Altar for funeral services of Mario, 2009.
Super Mario Brothers game screen,dried shiitake (3kg) , canvas… other.

Rainbow Pee, cotton(bed sheet),watercolors, 2006.

Decoration Shopping Bag, shopping bag,rhinestone, 2007.


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