A Kassen

Endless döner

“The cook at the local kebab restaurant is instructed to carve a kebab spear after a sketch of romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusis Endless Column.”


(via Brimborium)


“A mural is constructed by removing the existing layers of paint and revealing all the previous colours.”

Concrete floor

“A pair of sneakers have been sunken an inch into a new concrete floor covering the whole of the exhibition room. A stand in has been hired to wear the shoes in the opening hours during the exhibition.”

Pigeon´s portal

“A window corridor made in the same materials as the church building. Connecting the two opposite windows, making it possible for pigeons to cross the exhibition room.”


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2 Responses

  1. Florian says:

    Altijd goed om Brancusi te citeren, weten de mensen tenminste dat je beeldhouwer bent.

  2. Frank says:

    In de rij van Kabap sculpturen zoals Olaf Metzel’s ‘Kebap monument’:

    Keith Coventry’s Kebap Machine:

    Pacal Pinaud’s Kebab à vœux:

    en gaat maar zo door…

    Car Kebap: http://dustinshuler.com/images/web_other_artworks/13.jpg

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