Letha Wilson

Hanging Wall in Hemlock Tree, 2009.
Wood, drywall, joint compound, paint.

“This ‘wall’ was built in a Hemlock tree within the forests surrounding the Skowhegan residency in Maine. The wall was carefully pieced together and built around the tree limbs.”


(via Bagger)

You Only Have What is Here and Now, 2009.
Drywall cut out of the surrounding walls, wood, light fixture.

“A site-specific installation created for the HomeBase IV project, held in a former medical clinic in the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City. This piece is a replica Poul Henningson Artichoke Lamp created from reclaimed wood, and using drywall cut out from the walls of the clinic itself.”

Sunset, 2010/2011.
Digital C-print, concrete, wood.

Extrusion of Frontier Hotel Sign, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2003.
Digital print, wood, styrafoam, plaster, paint.


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