Onder invloed van [van alles en nog wat]:

“EVERY 2nd WEDNESDAY of the month HNM brings new light to the traditional model drawing and reset your way of looking. By stagging all the different media, new images and associations appear which deliver surprising unexpected results.”


(Video en meer beeld na na de klik)

“SHORT AND LONG POSES succeed each other with parts as Slow Motion, Drawing in the Dark, Chaos Theoretical Drawing and other experiments guided and hosted by artists WIllum Geerts and Nathalie Bruys.

BRING YOUR OWN TEKENMATERIALEN like a sketchbook, pencil, crayon ánd Ipad! For those with larger format ambitions there are some tables. And in emergency, or with extreme production, there are various materials in stock.

EVERYBODY IS WELCOME with or without ambitions, with or without drawing skills. The nudemodel, HNM-host, DJ Sketchbook and the bar are prepared!”


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2 Responses

  1. Amazone says:

    Hee! Dat zijn mijn schoenen op foto 1.

  2. Amazone says:

    foto 2. Dus.

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