Sabrina Basten

#7, 2012.
Re-rotterdam Gallery 10 Rotterdam NL
4×4 meter (l,w)
Wood, fishing thread, paint (magenta, red).
Pictures by Ed Jansen.

Geheel verfrist en upgedate, de website van Sabrina Basten.

600, 2010.
Id11 on_location, the phone booth, Delft NL
110x110x190cm (l,w,h)
Blue yarn.

30m3pe, 2009.
340x200cm (l,w)
1500 polyethylene balls / blue,yellow,orange,red,green.

Hexagon, 2007.
Project space ‘de Verschijning’ Tilburg NL.
10x7x2 meter (l,w,h)
Wood, fabric, rope.
Pictures by Lotte Stekelenburg.

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