De geschiedenis van Pong

“Alcorn headed out to the local Walgreens, picked up a $75 black-and-white television set, hid the Hitachi logo inside a rudimentary orange casing, which housed the logic circuits and a coin box made from an upturned sawed-off plastic milk jug, and dragged it into the corner of Andy Capp’s, next to the pinball machines, the jukebox, and the Computer Space machine.”

““It’s weird,” Gattis told Alcorn as he counted the impressive bounty. “I’ve got guys at my doorstep at 10 a.m. when the place opens. They’re not drunks. They come in, play the Pong game, and don’t buy any beer.””…/atari-teenage-riot-the-inside-story-of-pong-and-t

(via Neatorama)

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