CIA’s Intelligence Art Collection

CIA's Intelligence Art Collection

    The Day the Wall Came Down
    by Veryl Goodnight, Bronze, 2004.

“CIA’s fine arts program—administered by its Fine Arts Commission since the 1960s—has benefited over the years from donations of sculptures and paintings that celebrate historical accomplishments in intelligence. The commission reviews donation proposals and, when it finds them appropriate, officially recommends works for acceptance. Before any work is accepted, however, Agency financial and legal officers, the Office of Security, and the Office of Public Affairs all consider the recommendation. The CIA Museum and History Staff of the Center for the Study of Intelligence advise the Fine Arts Commission on historical content.”

Naast spionage en politieke onrust doen ze in Langley ook aan beeldende kunst. Zolang het maar lijkt, abstractie en andere gekkigheid is voor communisten, een klein deel is online terug te vinden: (via BoingBoing)

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