Gamen voor Christus

Gamen voor Christus

Met $ 10.400 op de teller inderdaad de Holy Grail of Atari Games maar ook de saaiste gameplay ooit. ET Moses door de Rode Zee ziet u na de klik.

(via Neatorama)

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  1. Kippfest says:

    Deze kost 100.000 dollar:

    Met ook lessons learned in de FAQ:
    “Is the game going to be “preachy”?
    Our mission is to produce a game that is accurate to the biblical record of Abraham’s life and journey, and accurate to the historical record of the cultures and places that surrounded him. The game will not be presenting any messaging that is out of that context. We believe God will use the game’s accurate portrayal of the story to reach the hearts and minds of individuals.”

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