Cinthia Marcelle

Cinthia Marcelle

    To Come To, 2009.

“One JCB machine goes through the form of an infinite symbol transporting dirt from one side to the other and then repeats the movement from that side back to the other, like a kind of enlarged sand filled hour glass that never stops rotating.”

    Crusade, 2010.

“Sixteen musicians come from the four extremities of a cross, 4 from each side, wearing 4 colors: yellow, red, blue and green.”

    Automóvel, 2012.

“Representing the constant flow of vehicles on a two-way urban street, the video Automóvel (Automobile) focuses on the pace of life on any normal working day. Yet when the owners of those cars become slaves to their vehicles, what you get is a scene reminiscent of Sisyphus. Condemned to pushing their vehicles ever forward, the drivers are slowly enveloped by the night.”

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  1. JB says:

    Tnx, die zijn perfect voor Alt. Er is ook een ander werk met graafmachines meen ik. Iemand?

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