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Guido van der Werve doet MTV

25-07 2014, 22:24 JB


    Guido van der Werve, entitled ‘Concert for Piano and the Exact Volume of Tears Cried on Earth at any Given Moment (or 211,5 liters per second)

Dat wist ik helemaal niet. MTV Artbreaks, video na de klik.

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Hans Tan

25-07 2014, 11:25 JB


Die is wel heel goed.

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Beuys booze

24-07 2014, 21:31 NP

Beuys booze

    A bottle of liquor with the picture of the ‘Fettecke’ by late German artist Joseph Beuys on display at the Museum Kunstpalast in Duesseldorf, Germany.

“This week Markus Loeffler, Andree Korpys and Dieter Schmal used a four-pound chunk of the work made of fat to distil the alcoholic drink as part of a performance art piece.”

Weduwe Beuys blijkt er niet bepaald van gecharmeerd.…artists-use-renowned-fat-sculpture-to-distil-schnapps-9627166.html


De tijd gespeld

24-07 2014, 9:56 NP

de geschreven klok

‘Charmingly, the words aren’t always spelled out in order, though the time-telling is always easy to understand, whether it spells out “A Quarter Past Ten” or “It Is Five O’Clock.”‘

Voor $3,790.00 bij u aan de muur.
(via Neatorama)

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Erwin Wurm @ Gestalten TV

23-07 2014, 18:01 NP

Erwin Wurm @ Gestalten TV

Erwin Wurm started out as a painter and sculptor, then swallowed the whole world digesting all its pompous grief and absurdity so as to spew out terrific sculptures, hilarious installations and stunningly grotesque pieces of spatial art and architecture that all have one thing in common – dead serious funny lightness in heavy doses. Unlike many of his professionally melancholic fellow specimen who got deliberately f***ed to become pregnant with meaning, the art of this decent great man from Austria makes us laugh, think and wonder. Although not necessarily in that order.” (video na de klik)

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Vroege Judge

23-07 2014, 10:21 NP

    Fraaie staaltje voedselvoorlichting anno 1991 blijkt nog verrassend actueel.

“Judge started in animation after working for a spell as first a computer programmer and then a blues bassist. After seeing an animation cel on display in a local movie theater in 1989, he ran out and bought a Bolex 16mm camera and started making movies.”

Bij Open Culture een overzicht van het werk dat Mike Judge maakte in de jaren voor Beavis & Butt-head.

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