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Operation Reinaert Foxtrot

16-10 2014, 11:43 JB

Teaser van Jelle Spruyt die met Dieter Ravyts vanavond Too lame For Fame opent bij het Gentse initiatief These Things Take Time. Jawel, u krijgt er veel meer over te horen. Over de tentoon, over het initiatief en over een van de mannen achter het initiatief Godart Bakkers. Die sinds kort in onze kolommen bericht.


Needs More JPEG

15-10 2014, 13:38 JB


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Trainingshoofden voor tandartsen

14-10 2014, 17:53 NP

Trainingshoofden voor tandartsen

Hoe creepy had u ze gehad willen hebben?

“The main features of the new robot are a silicone skin and mouth lining by Orient Industry, a maker of love dolls. The tongue and arms each have two degrees of freedom, and the robot overall has ten, enabling it to make natural movements, like shaking its head and choking.” (via Neatorama)



14-10 2014, 11:55 JB




Vlieger camera anno 1900-1910

14-10 2014, 10:33 NP

Vlieger camera anno 1900-1910

‘Lawrence needed between nine and 17 kites to lift his massive camera up to 2,000 feet in the air. He added bamboo stabilizing arms and ran a steel piano wire from the ground up to carry the electrical current that would trip the camera shutter. Once a photo was taken, a parachute was released. He called his invention a “Captive Airship.”‘

Honderd jaar voor de uitvinding van de drone en de go-pro camera was George R. Lawrence druk in de weer met het zelf bouwen van camera’s en het uitvogelen van hoe een bakbeest van 50 kilo de lucht in te krijgen.

Vlieger camera anno 1900-1910

    Ruins of San Francisco, 2,000 feet above San Francisco Bay overlooking the waterfront in 1906.

Vlieger camera anno 1900-1910

    International ballooning contest, Aero Park, Chicago, July 4, 1908.

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Laura Poitras @ LA Times

13-10 2014, 21:07 NP

“I’d worked in conflict zones, and there’s a kind of fear there,” Poitras, who has made movies in places such as Iraq and Yemen, said in an interview Saturday. “But this is a different kind of fear. The intelligence world operates in the shadows. You don’t know where the dangers lie.”

The chilling effect on a free press that is being watched and potentially harassed can’t be underestimated,[...]

[...]Poitras has long been on the U.S. watch list and moved to Berlin in part, she says, because she was tired of long interrogations by border officials and confiscations of her laptop and reporting materials when she arrived at U.S. airports.

Uitgebreid interview met regiseur Laura Poitras over Citizenfour, de documentaire die ze maakte over haar eerste contact met Edward Snowden en de daaropvolgende ontmoeting in een hotelkamer in Hong-Kong. Must-see die vanaf 23 november in de Nederlandse bioscopen draait.


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