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Smaakt zoals het oogt?

Chablis “Micrographs made in a Florida State University chemistry lab reveal kaleidoscopic patterns in popular cocktails.” time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1999889,00.html


General Web Content: Watermarking and eBay

“the practice is hardly limited to artists and large corporations, and has become particularly prevalent on eBay for users selling “authentic” or “vintage” photos and prints. The simultaneous need to display the image for the buyer but prevent the buyer...

Sue is boos pissed

Reclame voor wildplassen tegen vieze stinkauto’s. GTAVTK* “you know how upset I am at those who idle their vehicles and poison our world. […] That’s when I decided to produce an ‘end idling’ commercial. Luckily I know some very talented...



“Van Soest kreeg dit toestel van de Genie van de Nederlandse Krijgsmacht ter beschikking. Hij stelde vast dat de lagering van het apparaat door zijn grote gewicht bij verandering van kaarthoek en/of elevatie zoveel lawaai maakte dat het waar te...

Killing Hur

youtube.com/watch?v=6duUbiXWnqg “This, however, is how “Kiling Hur” makes its point: by pitilessly reminding viewers of their role as voyeurs in a world saturated with amateur images.” biennaledelyon.com/contemporaryart2009/edition-2009/artistes.html?art_id=59