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Ohad Ben Shimon

Ohad Ben Shimons 2 blue cups on two different corners of the table uit 2013 nu gratis en voor niets verkrijgbaar als audioboek bij de firma YouTube. Ideaal voor tijdens meditatieve klusjes in het atelier. Youtu.be/eiPabCnLwdI

Van Abbe, What you have is what you have

What you have is what you have

“A project by Mercedes Azpilicueta and Ohad Ben Shimon at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2013. Part of the exhibition ‘Making Use‘ at Van Abbemuseum, 22.6.2013-15.9.2013.” Vimeo.com/67913140 (video na de klik)


You are courteously invited @ 1646

“here is 1 more pic from the opening. it was a live skype-painting of a model posing live from berlin as olympia.” “In these series, the artists employ a Dialogue-Painting-Text-Lecture-Performance format to reflect upon and investigate the value and mechanisms...