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Sofia Coppola @ Interview

Sofia Coppola @ Interview

“COPPOLA: I love my little cowboy that I have of yours. I have a new place here in New York and have it right next to my wood Judd bed. It feels very cowboyish.” Richard Prince in gesprek met Sofia...


Richard Prince Limonade Yummie

Richard Prince lanceert frisdrank, verpakt in een blik “partially designed by Prince himself”. Ok wanneer komt er Van Lieshout Cola, Dumas Drink of Marc Bijl beverage? (Bier van Lieshout heet gewoon Bavaria.) “AriZona Partners with Artist Richard Prince to Create...


Eric Doeringer – Conceptual Art Recreations

Eric Doeringer Richard Prince “Richard Prince created his “Cowboy” photographs by re-photographing Marlboro advertisements torn from magazines. He cropped the images to eliminate all advertising copy and enlarged the photographs, transforming commercial photography into fine art. I obtained copies of...