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From Sketch: Régine Debatty

“A teacher of Latin and Ancient Greek, a TV travel magazine presenter, a documentary filmmaker, a radio reporter and an advisor to the EU Commission on its “MEDIA” programme: Régine Debatty was once all this and more, […]. In any...

Intimate game controllers

Intimate game controllers voor hem en voor haar

Voor hem (of voor haar, het is maar hoe je het bekijkt.) Voor hem (of voor haar, het is maar hoe je het bekijkt.) “I then found out about a phenomenon called gamer widowhood where men essentially abandoned their wives...

Regine Debatty

Real Fake Watches

“realfakewatches are wristwatches that only work for one minute every day. […] the watches are laser cut from three pieces of genuine leather and manually assembled.” Trotse eigenaar Régine Debatty (WMMNA) Ab 45 euro. realfakewatches.com


Régine Debatty’s (We Make Money Not Art) nieuwjaarsvoornemen

Thumbs up for Régine: “[…] actually there will be less interactive installations unless they propose something more than “images that change shapes and colours when you wave your hand/jump around/sing La Macarena.” No more interactive entertainment but only interactive art....

Caleb M Larsen

Félix González-Torres

“Untitled” (Lover Boys), 355 pounds of candies, the equivalent of the combined weight of the artist and his partner (Link) “Gonzalez-Torres’s candy pieces are […] sweet and sad eulogies that consist of piles of individually wrapped chocolates or hard candies...

De Ponk's PrintBall TM

De Ponk’s PrintBall TM

“The PrintBall is like an Ink-Jet printer using a PaintBall Gun as printhead.” deponk.com Prentjes van de Ponk’s PrintBall Performance op de 10.000 euro show van W139 (ongewenst browservenster resize en popup alarm) door We Make Money Not Art.


Hotel Everland

Alleen de goudste platen zijn goed genoeg “Das Einzimmerhotel für zwei Personen bietet ein exklusives Erlebnis: Eine Concierge sorgt sich um das Wohl der Gäste, das Frühstück wird aufs Zimmer geliefert, die Minibar ist im Preis inbegriffen und die bestickten...