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Het Reizen in de Geest

24-02 2015, 18:12 NP

Het Reizen in de Geest, Ruimtevaart

Documentaire over het in 1991 opgerichte Haagse kunstenaars-initiatief Ruimtevaart. (video na de klik)

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Stoney Knows How

22-02 2015, 19:20 NP

Stoney Knows How

“Disabled by rheumatoid arthritis since the age of four, and forced to use a wheelchair, his growth stunted, Stoney St. Clair (1912 – 1980) joined the circus at 15 as a sword-swallower. A year later, he learned to tattoo, and for the next 50 years, he continued to work as a tattooist traveling with circus and carnivals across the country.”…d44fb576601ef7636e961/ (video na de klik)

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Video: The New Wave

21-02 2015, 18:53 NP

    Part 1:
    Introduction & Overview | Angel St. Nunez | TV TV

“1973 WGBH Boston Public Television program exploring the relatively new area of video art. The program highlights several video artists exploring the video medium and pushing its boundries, with a focus on artists working with video synthesizers.”

Delen 2 t/m 6 na de klik.

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Valerio Spinelli

21-02 2015, 10:25 NP

Valerio Spinelli

    Pandemonio, 2015.

“Pandemonio is a kaleidoscope of monsters, animals and other strange creatures brought to life by the primitive and franzied pace of Zu’s music. Each figure is made by overlapping felt circles. The animation is obtained by moving, resizing and painting every circle without deforming its perfect shape.”

Het potfolio van Valerio Spinelli op rij. (video na de klik)

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Reclamefilmpje voor reclamefilmpjes

14-02 2015, 10:00 JB


De vaart zit er wel in en lekker kort (1.56).

“The short film Wish You Were Here?, produced by Lobo, is an off-kilter tribute to D&AD, reintreprating, reimagining and mashing up highlights from over five decades of award winning advertising.”

(Youtube na de klik)

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It came from Kuchar

12-02 2015, 16:46 NP

George Kuchar, It came from Kuchar

“By the 1960s, twins George and Mike Kuchar were shaping the underground film scene alongside Andy Warhol and Kenneth Anger. It Came from Kuchar interweaves the brother’s lives, their admirers and a ‘greatest hits’ of Kuchar clips into a hilarious and moving tale. A film by Jennifer Kroot.”

Sinds kort ook in zijn geheel online, de documentaire over het leven en werk van George en Mike Kuchar. Gaat dat zien. (video na de klik)

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Stroom Den Haag Presenteert:

Ângela Ferreira: Revolutionary Traces

T/m 15 maart 2015

Locatie: Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag

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