They always played poker with European cash. There was American cash around, flimsy plastic stuff, but most people wouldn’t take American cash anymore. It was hard to take American cash seriously when it was no longer convertible outside U.S. borders. Besides, all the bigger bills were bugged.
Distraction, Bruce Sterling (1998)

Hitachi onthulde afgelopen dinsdag de kleinste RFID-chip tot nu toe: 0,05 bij 0,05 millimeter, 128 bit.[..]NewsNum=939


  1. “At 5 microns thick, the RFID chips can more easily be embedded in sheets of paper, meaning they can be used in paper currency, gift certificates and identification. But since existing tags are already small enough to embed in paper, it leads one to wonder what new applications the developers have in mind.”

    (De volgende keer dus niet meteen de kok veroordelen als er zand in je eten blijkt te zitten.)

  2. intelligente confettie: zal dit weekend zeker van pas komen beneden de rivieren..

    These devices could also be used to identify and track people. For example, suppose you participated in some sort of protest or other organized activity. If police agencies sprinkled these tags around, every individual could be tracked and later identified at leisure, with powerful enough tag scanners.

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