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Smaakmakend sinds jaar en dag: onafhankelijk kunstenaar, tentoonstellingmaker, trendbeheerder en oprichter art agent orange, artist run art agency. Eigen werk onder Meer info zie

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  1. A good afternoon fin penny Callebaut,

    Firstly even, I this with large admiration to your web side, really class have looked at separately, our compliments for this, with a word terribly.
    I said Gerard Lagerwey, against my colleague this am a wizard that want I speak, at he said that of course also wants. It is splendid reproductions of architecture for the future but also for now, which you reflect on the side, this the reason which is us in movement has been put make an appointment with you, to change once of ideas, or we what kind of could mean each other in this area.
    We occupy our, as it happens, mainly with architecture for the future and everything what sits there for gone and to, in the field of technology and composition. To give a example, we occupy our with architecture for the future cities developments, which there still as ” spread- sheet” at lie.
    BPS (Building Product System) are an agency which keeps himself busy with the world problems, of which are this also of the larger problems of. But to forget also it energy question piece and the clogging in cities and the traffic-jam shapings, it do not live/work question, durable building, cradle to cradle, the application of zerro-point energy, car free create city, being appropriate eco builds and the total Co2 free are, for us dirt combustion is very important where we an unique system for have without clogging rests.
    The plan where we are busy offers all possibilities in a lot of fields of modern architecture but it is also applied on payable living and intriguing a new park systempark system here. The cities its earthquake and flood rather, it none meant that are there possibilities, exactly for these areas in the world which against this on plants is not here offer capacitance. With the plan there a lot of solutions come to the daylight which is hidden years (perhaps consciously) has been kept, look to energy question of Nikola Tesla, the inventor of solving actual energy question, what was an eyesore and still is for the fossile fuel energy. BPS have established a consortium for this question and are meanwhile alzover that we busy are in the country of the United Arab Emirateses, with names in Abu Dahbi, there run meanwhile conversations with this place, also we are in for conversations with China, India and Japan also are we in consideration under missing in the Netherlands, do although we thereby question puts signs at this moment.
    Why firstly in Abu Dahbi, nou for us this is very important because we this spot on the nature considers ball as the window of the architecture for the whole world. It is a spot where is possible everything and much budget is present. We want in four countries at the same time to the battle only this what asks more for constructions what keeps much know-how in that present must be there. Our consortium exists from much skilled persons and we are always in search of inspired and interested people, what allicht could iet for you be perhaps. Where we talked, we talk concerning TOF-City, a project that one km in square is and 240 meters high are, these are demensions which are possible larger and smaller, and are spot for 100,000 people there live and work. TOF-City are by that here techniques particular are applied which have been never ever applied that make our project this way particular. It is a world early product and a lot of times in growing forms have been placed will become. To live/work /Recre honours /Inspireren is the motto this city is a city which is possible operen and is not entirely independently dependent on third parties, increase and lines create to and with other such cities is as inspiration accessible. This is the reason with your inspiration in rear end act reach a conversation which is for both parties interressant. I stay in expectation and gladly with you in conversation would will about this once look at if we could mean a response uwer zijds for each other something, gladly.
    We hope on shortly reported of u.
    I stay with pleasant Best Regards
    J.Spreeuwenberg and Gerard Lagerwey

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