Sasha Dees - Entangled Species

Conversations on Contemporary Art in the Caribbean

Entangled Species

This publication is the result of a fifteen-month research project, mapping out the available infrastructure for Contemporary Art in the Caribbean by Sasha Dees. Over the period from November 2017 to May 2019, she visited Anguilla, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Curacao, Cuba, Haiti, the Cayman Islands, the US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, Trinidad & Tobago, and Suriname. During this period, she interviewed over 800 artists and art professionals, resulting in 3000 hours of recordings.

A sort of Lonely Planet for Contemporary Art in the Caribbean, the publication mixes a travel book and toolkit.

The many anecdotes and conversations with artists and art professionals included in the book are engaging and draw us into her journey.

Sasha Dees

Dees’ perspective is uniquely hers. She purposely leaves the reader enough space for their own interpretation, hoping to start a dialogue that can open us to greater insight over time, rather than offering conclusions set in stone. She generously shares information, failures and successes, tips, and “do’s and don’ts,” useful not only for people in the Caribbean but for those working in Contemporary Art, in general.

Sasha Dees is an independent writer, producer, and curator. Dees is a world citizen, a connector, and lives for the arts. International, Interdisciplinary, Inclusive and Innovative are crucial elements in her projects.

Dees works internationally with numerous artists and art organizations, programming and scouting talent for venues and festivals, as a producer for emerging artists, and advising on projects, exchanges, and collaborations.

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