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  1. Dear Harke Kazemier,
    I would like to introduce you to the Royalafrican concept which is a platform for cultural exchange to help facilitate
    and promote the image of art and the artist between Africa and Europe with an ultimate goal of creating a Museum
    of Modern European art on African soil.
    The Not for sale permanent collection when in place hopefully in 3rd quarter of 2009 will be housed on African soil
    and will be available for loan free of charge to any museum or art gallery on the African continent.
    On the drawing board is also a concept of having a specially kitted museum bus to travel to schools and institutions
    with a section of the collection to bring the art work to as many Africans as possible.
    What are the benefits of you donating an art work to the Royalafrican collection?
    • Your art will be viewed by a completely new society.
    • New market opportunities would open up for your work.
    • New source of artistic feedback and critique material.
    • An opportunity to do well for a continent with few opportunities.
    • Publicity and the perks associated with your doing good.
    • Possible invitations to give workshops in Africa in the near future.*
    • Automatic invitation to attend every show your art work will be at.
    • Lifetime listing on patron page – Royalafrican.org
    I have selected your art work titled “Rhinoceros 02…” as one of the paintings I would like you to donate to the RoyalAfrican.org Collection.
    I have chosen this work not only because it is a great work but also it is one that can be readily accepted for viewing by a continent with such diverse cultural swings.
    In case you prefer not to donate this particular work, feel free to contact me with your suggested donation.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Royalafrican.org will not exist without your generosity.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon
    David Oduki

    PS. I came across your details when browsing http://www.startpagina.nl/

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