Navid Nuur // OUT NOW // special edition for just 50,-

Financier eens een publicatie. Navid Nuur pakt het zo aan:


And very cheap signed/special edition of just 96/96. no AP’s
Available for 50,-“

Trendbeheer zegt: kopen!

“All the money will go into production costs of my upcoming publication.

‘The edition comes in a black sheet containing:
3 color printed images a5 and one signed part of the black-hole

the black hole is cut from the banner (see left image)
then brought to my studio (see the other images)
Then the amount of a5’s which could be cut out of the black hole
became the edition (making it 96)
this object is then signed on the back.

Would be great if you feel like supporting by buying a edition

For more info, Please contact:
“Andrea Linnenkohl”

Maar naast Andrea Linnenkohl kunt u vast ook Navid Nuur persoonlijk contacteren via zijn website. Vijftig euro is geen geld. En: Nuur / doet het goed aan de muur.

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