Selling a €10.000 painting. Starting at €1 for painting number #001

“OK, so WTF is 1 Euro Experiment?:

– Almost every day I will sell a new painting of mine”

Almost, ja.

17 november 2011 is painting #20 (unsold) aangeboden. Na twee jaar steggelen.

Een marketeer leest Seth Godin en vraagt zich het een en ander af:

“How come a businessman in 2006 paid $140 million for the 1948 Jackson Pollock painting named No. 5?

How come an artist can sell ALL her paintings for €10.000+, yet another artist can´t even give them away?

It´s quite fascinating.

10th December 2009 I read “The magic of dynamic pricing” by Seth Godin. It suggests changing the price of goods “based on time or demand” . It got me thinking.

Even though I have no experience as an artist, would there be a way for me to, one day, sell a painting for €10.000?”

Het antwoord op die laatste vraag is NEE.

Dit is de goedkoopste:

“I have a lamp shade in the shape of a cylinder with colored stripes on it. It looks pretty nice, so I thought I would try and do some colored stripes on canvas. I came up with “På Tværs”. It´s danish for “across”, makes sense since the stripes go across the canvas. “

Voor 3 euro is Paa Tvaers de uwe.

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