Dieter Roth, A glass jar containing flies collected by the artist from his legendary work Staple Cheese (A Race), 1970

“Unfortunately Dieter Roth never made this work, it’s a fake. We bought all the stuff on the internet: an old glass jar, a vintage cork and lots of flies (yes, you can buy flies online), and sent the work to the unaware curators.”

Pronkstuk van de tentoonstelling Another Kind of Vapor bij White Flag Projects, 18 juni tot 23 juli 2011


“We wanted to make a work about Internet’s overflowing creativity vs. high art fixation with originality. We found a cat meme collage circulating online, and we ended up making this fake sculpture by art-star Maurizio Cattelan […] The piece has been exhibited at Inman Gallery Annex, in Houston, TX, for a month now as a work by Cattelan.”


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