Nick Adam

Nick Adam

    “When vertical leaves are snapped into place Hermann sets to the extended version.”

Hermann is a modular lettering project inspired by the black forest. The form moves through multiple weights by simply adding or subtracting the leaf elements. Eight different weights are possible touring a ‘regular’, multiple levels of condensed, extended and bold.”

Nick Adam

Your Lucky Day

“Through the appropriated voice of scratch’n’win tickets, these cards target individuals in a moment readied for an uplifting experience, delivering a seemingly random touching message.”

Nick Adam

Mayor Daley Campaign

“Forever and ever, Mayor Daley. This is a legacy piece, as much as it is a vehicle of social commentary. Equally the message tributes Richard M. Daley’s political brilliance as well it acknowledges his personal sacrifice to the people and city of Chicago. For thirty-eight years he dedicated his life to political office, twenty-two of them were invested as Chicago’s Mayor. Son of Mayor Richard J. Daley, the younger was a man that did not run on a four year plan.”

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Niels Post is beeldend kunstenaar en actief als mede-oprichter van Hij is opgeleid aan de AKI in Enschede en het San Francisco Art Institute. Zijn werk is wereldwijd te zien geweest op videofestivals, tentoonstellingen en als zelfinitiatief in de openbare ruimte. Spam, computer gegenereerde tekst die niemand wil maar die overal opduikt, vormt de laatste jaren het basismateriaal van zijn beroepspraktijk. Post gebruikt het voor interventies op leegstaande winkelramen, wandsculpturen en ruimtevullende installaties.

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