David Byrne @ 20×200

23-10, 2010 HvdR 0

Roots of War in Popular Song (forest of no return), 14″x11″, 2006 “Popular song can be viewed as a measure of sentiment, feeling, and values, and of what a culture projects as their identity. I’m [Meer…]


David Byrne

3-07, 2007 Jeroen Bosch 0

Furnishing the Self — Upholstering the Soul, 2006 Pratend hoofd zegt: stop making sense. Byrne interviewt Byrne. Site: Weblog in de vorm van een journal: Stromend muzieklog:


The Origin of Art Basel Miami

21-12, 2006 HvdR 3

Byrne blikt antropo-sociologisch terug op Art Basel Miami: “art evolved as a kind of display useful for sexual selection. […] The maker may have genetic fitness not immediately apparent, especially given the fact that the [Meer…]