Opbouw Faire et Défaire @ Galerie West

7-06, 2008 Jeroen Bosch 0

Opening zaterdag 7 juni 16:00 Met Fayçal Baghriche, Simon Boudvin, Matthieu Clainchard, Simona Denicolaï & Ivo Provoost, Marcel Dionne, Vincent Ganivet, Lars Laumann, Nicolas Milhé and Fred Pradeau. Spannend! En beklikt u vooral ook de [Meer…]


Fred Pradeau / Helmut Smits

8-12, 2006 Jeroen Bosch 0

Coca-Cola Alcohol Distiller and Coca-Cola Alcohol Bottle by Fred Pradeau. A huge amount of coca cola is made to rotten. From this, alcohol is produced, using a machine made out of cooking and plumbing tools. [Meer…]