Clement Valla

Steven Copies Andy Paints a Still Life

“Almost two thirds of the world’s oil paintings are produced cheaply in China and a large number of these are sold over the internet, raising questions of reproduction, authorship and copyright. “

Mary Copies Steven Copies Andy Paints a Still Life

Mark Copies Mary Copies Steven Copies Andy Paints a Still Life

Zhongbo Copies Mark Copies Mary Copies Steven Copies Andy Paints a Still Life

Ook leuk, het werk 100USD. 90USD, 65USD, oil paintings ordered over the internet. Drie schilderijen van 100 x 100 cm, verschillend geprijsd, verschillend in waarde? Inclusief schitterend taalgebruik in de meegeleverde emailwisseling:

“[…] 2.Oil or Acrylic comparing: oil on canvas ,the color not good than Acrylic.This Painting have to need be Oil ,for the people portrait on the background .
3.Flesh Color and bending color in the background for the complex composition.
4.5 days can taking pictures for you and one week can delivery for you .One week can delivery.
5.Best Quality ,Cost:100USD and Shipping charge:30USD – Totally:130USD”

“This painting will be cost $90 and the shipping fee will be cost $25 .
So the total money is $115 .You should pay the total money 30% before we start painting it for you .”

“For this 100cmx100cm painting, the price is USD65, and the shipping cost to USA is USD33. and it is no problemn to finish it in two weeks. i think we can finish it about one week.”

Tja ik had ooit ook contact gelegd met China in het kader van iedereen kan schilderen. Hoe zou een in China ge(re)produceerd schilderij van een foto van een van mijn abstracte grijze schilderijen eruit gaat zien?

Clement Valla heeft het concept al helemaal uitgewerkt.

Zie ook A Sequence of Lines Consecutively Traced by Five Hundred Individuals: laat vijfhonderd mensen een lijn overtrekken en je krijgt (versneld) een prachtig bliksembeeld/zooi:

“This thesis explores two examples of such digital systems: outsourcing paintings to the Chinese oil paintings industry, and crowdsourcing drawings using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. “

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