Stefan Sagmeister – The happy film

Titles for the happy film. Done with Stefan Sagmeister in Bali 2009. (Youtube)

“”The Happy Film” centers around our main subject, Stefan Sagmeister […] In the course of a year, Sagmeister will experiment with various practices that are widely touted as increasing one’s happiness: meditation, cognitive therapy, and pharmaceuticals.

The documentary will test these various methods during 3 x 3-month experiment periods. The production team will work closely with a group of health professionals to properly assess Sagmeister’s well-being.”


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  1. JB says:

    Ja funded en zo maar vergeten te linken naar de ‘nieuwe’ website van Sagmeister in deze, hoog slordig.

    En zo hard gewerkt aan nieuwe buttons:

    Must click website voor wie dat nog niet eerder deed en anders gewoon nog eens:

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