Yamamoto Motoi

Labyrinth salt / 7×15 m Force of Nature Apr – June 2007 (Link)


(Via Kottke)

LABYRINTH salt 13.5 x 8.2 m April – August, 2009 (Link)

En lees ook vooral zijn blog:

“An opening begins; and about 10 minutes later. Grandfather entered the gallery. Suddenly, he has begun to walk in a work.
“Oh, …, Stop! Stop!”
The people became quiet.”

“I approached him and appeared outside a work together. When count a footprint; one, two,,, five steps. I thought that corrected time was around 1 hour. I changed into work clothes and started a revision at once.”


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  1. Voor de nederlandse versie zie: Youtube
    Spoorzicht Alphons ter Avest..
    Met suiker natuurlijk!

    Ook leuk…

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