NextNature Nanotech Supermarket Call For Entries

An installment in the series of: “Things I have learned in my life so far“. (Link)

NextNature zoekt winnende ideeën. Het moeten wel kleine ideeën zijn. Ze moeten passen in de schapen van de nano supermarkt:

“We welcome anything between a thought provoking sketch and fully–executed products about the hit the shelves. A selection of the proposals will be displayed in the NANO Supermarket. The best proposal is awarded € 2500.”

Zoals bijvoorbeeld:

“a food printer, designed by Philips. Cooking becomes playing with LEGO.”

“Self-healing Surfaces […] Researchers, financed by Volkswagen, have developed a process for producing electroplated layers with nano-capsules.”

Neem vaker een bloemetjetjetje mee.

“These crystalline ‘nanoflowers’ were developed by Cambridge University PhD student Ghim Wei Ho. The nanostructures of silicon carbide are grown from droplets of gallium on a silicon surface.”


“Self–cleaning windows, contact lenses with a display, smart medicines that are delivered exactly on the spot, molecular printed food, blush–reducing make-up, self–healing anti scratch surfaces, nano-particle tagging spray that may identify your possessions when stolen, cyborg insects, breathing textiles, tooth phones, organic jewelry, implantable microprocessors and whatever you may think of.”

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