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  1. Greatest art collection ever! Barnes was not just a collector- he also told the art/museum/collector to fuck themselves- and that is why they are now trying to bring him down- long after his death.

    There is an incredible part in Mark Twain’s book “Huckleberry Fin” when the whole town surrounds a doctors house for helping a black man, and the doctor tells the town folks that he will wait until any one who wants a piece of him will step up, in fact they could all fight him- but he will not turn his back to them, because that is when they will gather courage- the whole town left- and the Doctor was correct-… in his face they had fear- behind his back they had courage.

    the BArns story is one just like that- accept that he is dead- and now those he spoke out about are tryihg to fuck him and the community he build around the greatest art collection in the world…

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