Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Dogs Arrive

As seen by the Dogs of Shame:

“Sweatboxing II is een tentoonstelling van jonge Nederlandse en Poolse kunstenaars die worden vertegenwoordigd door Showroom MAMA en LETO Gallery (Warschau, Polen). Sweatboxing II is de tweede episode van Sweatboxing, een groepstentoonstelling in Showroom MAMA (2 april – 29 mei 2011) die werd samengesteld door Gerben Willers.”

T/m 12 november a.s.


(Een bericht van TheRev)

Update 22:25, fotoverslag van MAMA curator Gerben Willers ingevoegd.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Dogs eat.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Dogs get a new car.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Dogs get robbed.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery


Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Open a bank account.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

True dat

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery


Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Dog eat dog

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Dog style

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

First class flight

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery


Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Ne hericopter

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Don’t touch the chicken

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Chartlotte Schleiffert

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Radek Szlaga

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Abner Preis

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Aleksandra Waliszewska

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Koen Taselaar

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Wayne Horse

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Dogs of Shame

T/m 12 november aanstaande in Warschau, Polen


Update 22:25, fotoverslag van MAMA curator Gerben Willers ingevoegd.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Bad ass

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Bijna dronken kunstenaar nummer 1, Koen Taselaar.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Bijna dronken kunstenaar nummer 2, Abner Preis.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Bijna dronken kunstenaar nummer 3, Wayne Horse.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Black Sabbath cover band

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Charlotte Schleiffert en Gerben Meinders

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Charlotte Schleiffert

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Dogs of Shame performance

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Koen Taselaar, Aleksandra Waliszewska en Charlotte Schleiffert

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Pre-party, painting the walls.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Preis enjoys the shit.

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Sweatboxing 2 @ LETO Gallery

Wayne Horse

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  1. Dear Dogs of Shame, thanks to your album “SHiny Shit” we have been able to to finish the new debt plan, as well as cure aids and cancer, Michelle Loves “eat dat chiken up” but my favorite song is of course “History Lesson”
    keep up the great work!

    President of the United states,


  2. dear Dogs of Shame, thank you so much for your Album Shiny Shit, it has been a difficult time since me and Marc Anthony Broke up, but becuase of your song “Dogs of Shame in HEaven”, I am able to be comferted with the knowledge that there is great music in this sad loneley world again, Thanks for you lyrics and great R&B voice,


  3. I just baught the new Shiny Shit Album and now, I understand the out cry for the poor and under privalged children. I will donate all my money for the cause of fighting poverty in the world as well as making sure that the Dogs OF Shame will have the cars and jets that they wrote me about- so they can go around the world and free all the people in the world.

    Thank you DOS,

    William GAtes

    aka Bill Gates

    aka Billy

    Bill Gates

  4. Les Dogs Of Shame ont sauvé le monde de la musique comme nous le savons. merci de votre grande musique aussi bien que votre grands sensibilité et coups secs et durs de mode

    Carla Bruno and Nicolas Sarkozy

  5. 나는 그것이 들린 후에 당신의 새로운 앨범을 만들기를 당신을, 나 사람들의 나의 공포 모든 극복할 수 있었다 감사하거든 Iwill는 지금 세계에 평화를 준다

    kim Jong Il

  6. Dear Dogs od Shame,
    Thank you for making me see the better side of life in the hood and inspire me to become a famous tv star and rap star with the number one hit album *rhyme pays”. Also on behalf of my crew :the syndicate”. : thank you.

  7. Dear DOS,
    Thank you very much for your album ‘shiny shit’.
    My fpersonal favorite is ‘cruisin’ with russian roeslan on the flute. This song made me and my holmes alberto get the old motorbike ready and do those 12000km from Córdoba to venezuela, many joints a blazin.
    Great inspiration, great courage,
    yours, mr g aka che aka cheech(you know…)

  8. Dear Mc It and of course, dear Mc It:
    It was in 1984 that i released my song and album ‘private dancer’ which should make me famous and very rich and not scerrd anymore of my bad ex husband ike. I was 44 at that time and was listening to your song ‘to the other hood’ day in and day out. It taught me so much, dear DOS.
    With a heavy hand full of marijuana you taught me that success does not only consist of short skirts and great hair.
    It is about voice and character. thank you.
    they say we dont have much, but look at us now. dear DOS, thank you for your beautiful rappical, a ghetto synphony that shall forever echo in my head.
    Many kisses, of course,,
    Your TINA Turner.

  9. What Up, D.O.$.,
    thank you again for getting me through the ruffest time of my life back in the nineties when the people turn against me. People, they just wanna hate. Thank you for seeing that. and thank you for giving me the willpower to never pay that 33million sttlement. I listen to ‘the Banger’. No matter what. I just turn up that volume.
    hm. thanks dogs.
    your friend
    O J ‘the juice’ Simpson.
    Thank you

  10. Dear Dogs of Shame.
    Eat dat chicken up, haha! I invented the slam dunk from the middle line of that field in various slam dunk competitions, of course.
    An dat is all because i woke up to ‘the wake up’. they dont call me names like, your airness and slamdunk for nothing, just like your teammembers brownbath and fartphaze got their names for a reason.
    In life everything comes. And in death we reminiss and shoot some hoops in the clouds, because the dogs are in heaven too.
    The 23 stands for everything is possible. thank you for teaching me that.
    Sincerely yours:
    machial AIR Jorden, air max

  11. As we were working onour lates film “cars 4 3d” we were lost for visual reality and real ness in our film making abilities. The castle was getting dark untill some one came upon a very important blogg about the next big thing. WikiLeaks described your album as the next big military weapon of the 2012 ever since the Lady Gaga CD got out of the pentigone.

    yours truly

    Steven Spielburg

  12. GAsten,
    Wat een album, zeg. dope ouwe!!
    Het beste album. Effen nog een keer horen! En dan nog een keer.
    Echt te gek.
    MC Shoe

  13. Lieve DO$,
    Sinds wij voor jullie mochten openen tijdens art amsterdam in het trouw, heb ik een zement sculptuur van jullie gemmakt. Ik heb er zwarte lack overgegooten. Omdat jullie zo zwart zijn. tof.
    Groeten van jullie donkere broer,
    MArk Bijl

  14. poiché Putin mi ha portato questo CD, durante il mio codice categoria di judo, sono stato portato alle rotture dai vostri cani nella canzone di cielo.

    Puta MAdre!!!!

    Silvio “old Dirty” Yo

  15. Dear DO$,
    we want to come forward and thank you for all youff done for us over the past decade.
    Today, with the release of your ep ‘shiny shit’ or back IN the day when you taught us a thing or two about tackling. thank you dogs, we stand behind you.
    thank you.
    yours, the raiders from LA

  16. I juz prched de new DO$ arbum and it help me get tru muy daiz incarseration- Iz cants wait to get me a new CD player in prison so I can listen to two DO$ albums at a time.

    thank DO$


  17. Dearest DOS, or as BArbera calls you, MC.IT and MC.IT. Thank you so much for the album you just made. My girl came home drunk last night and puked all over out bed covers and as we were cleaning her up, we found your CD inserted deep into her rectom. As we removed it, it was connected to Satans Hand, and a large black rubber device which LAura was keen to try out (after cleaning it up ofcourse).
    ANyway, no one is perfect hahahaha

    President Bush

  18. Dear DOGS, I have had fun in my life, but never this much fun istening to your new album “Shiny SHit”. I had Tiger blood running through my veind where I heard “Da Break In”.

    I would be depressed if it was not for you, and for This I thank you.

    Charlee Sheen.

  19. shizle shizle shizle shizle shizle shit! shizle shiozle, shizle” shiny Shizle” is th SHizle.

    Shizle, Chronic


  20. Dear DO$ this is symbol, i just wrote prince, so as you know who i was.
    Your new EP ‘shiny shit’ is a bit like that scene in batman one when the joker goes to the museum, or the scene in chocolate when the chocolate triggers everyone to have some more chocolate and get rid off their clothes.
    I especially am impressed with the musical character of the ep, obviously.
    yours qPt

  21. Dear D.O.Eth.

    thank you tho muth for the great album Thiny Thit, it maketh me happy. Derrr Derr Blah Derrr

    Mike Tython

  22. Dogs of shame..
    Winds of change.
    So wie damals als wir die mauer mit unserem song eingetreten haben. macht weiter so jungs!
    Ihr geht voll AB!!
    Euer Klaus
    (the scorpions)

  23. Dear D.0.$.
    Thank you sooo much for your new ep ‘shiny shit’.
    I have ordered five copies online.
    Eat dat chicken, tha break in… i dont know where to start.
    Thank you. thank you.
    Fuck the police,

  24. Like OMG, DOS, you can tie me up, spank me, and video tape and everything. Like you guys are sooo cooool.



  25. Dear Dogs OF Shame- never since “The Wall” have i heard such an album.. The songs move like an opera- or shall I say, it moves me like the concert I shot when the Wall Fell Down.

    You put the light on the Dark Side Of THe Moon

    Roger Waters
    Pink FLoyd

  26. DEAR DOS,

  27. OLa Dogs of $hame,
    Thank you. And especially thank you mc it, who look like me.
    In my violin case i got a huge microphone.
    Please come to my town and rap.

  28. Dear DOS, thank you so much for bringing me back in the game- as many of my fans know- I have been a sex addict for many years now- and, under the close monitering by my docotors, I had quit beeing a sex addict-

    but now, I am a sex adict again, Eat Dat Chiken Up

    borris becker.

  29. thank you DOS-

    It has been a while since I have heard something so unifying-

    PS. I love your hair

    Jon Bon Jovi

  30. Dear DO$,
    AS Jon already wrote, great music.
    Also we, the band bon jovi would like to thank you.
    The best since we had that album out that came with a back patch with a skull and a scarf of the american flag.
    We, the band bon jovi love your critical approach.
    keep it up and many thanks,
    Bon Jovi

  31. Dear Lord IT and Lord IT.we have listend to your music for a week now- and your song Eat Dat Chiken Up, has been Blazin on Davids Itouch non stop. The Album Brings me back to the days when my old Band (you might of heard of the Spice Girls, even though we are MUCH older than the DOS) would be on the van discussing Girl Power and all that…., but now I know that Girl Power would not exisit if it was not for Dogs Like MC IT and MC IT. ICE T was so correct about what he wrote about you, as Well as Nelson MAndella( please say hi to Nelz for us). David would love to write something for you, but he is really dislexic (he he he we call him BoxHead at home) but he thinks you guys are great also!

    our next child will be called IT IT DILLA BEKCS.

    with all out love,

    please call us when you come to London-

    Viki and Davi BEckham

  32. Dear DOS. With fame comes invasion of privacy, countless celebrities with the paparazzi always around, snapping away undisturbed, and the tabloids speculating on even the most insignificant aspects of your life.

    DOS, thank you for the LEsson on “the Drive Through”, now I am not alone-
    “MOney on my mind”

    Zac Efron.

  33. Dear DO$,
    Your new cd/ep ‘shiny shit’ and the overdue edit of your performance at art amsterdam:

    remind me of my hit movie ‘speed’ and ‘speed2’.
    The Dogs cant slow down, they keep on pushing the envelope, like i do in my movies and my excessive private life (you know dat ;-))
    Mc it and Mc it,
    God Bless!

  34. Dear DO$,
    I consider myself a woman who has had her ups and downs, her low lows and her moments of glory. A life like this, i am sure you will agree, asks a lot of a talented artist.
    you helped me so much when you got shot and came to heaven! i know i will be there with you and more than 20 dead rappers in heaven.
    chicken buffets.
    I hope women are allowed.
    Thank you thank you,

  35. Dear Dogs Of SHame, The First thing I could think of when the courts aquited me of Murder, was the song “dogs of Shame in Heaven”. grazia Dogs of Shame, Per Tuto… The courts have made the right disicione, I am free to walk the streets of Heavem Jsut Like the Dogs of Shame said so when they meet @pak and Biggy in heaven. GRAZIA DIO!!!!

    dogs of shame ! let Freedom Ride!!!!

    Amanda (cant wait to get my shit on) Knox

  36. He pasado muchos noche que comtemplaba mi propia razón de ser en esta tierra. Porqué dios tenido me maldijo en este mundo, lleno de frustraciones, y de momentos de oro. ¿Por qué me hicieron para ser un criado tan dotado de usted DIOS? Tan muchas metas así que muchos momentos que ganan, mi corazón se romperían como anotaría final de las metas mi apponent con una parte completa principal de mi foot= este dolor, este horror del regalo, este dolor de la gloria. Solamente usted tiene spoekn de tal agitación con realidad,

    Diego Maradona

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