Erosie Jeroen aan het woord bij Juxtapoz

Erosie Jeroen aan het woord bij Juxtapoz

“[…] “What is is the meaning?” It sometimes can be a tricky thing; the more you show, the more it loses meaning or focus. The black-and-white horror vacui walls followed on the “random image generator” walls I did before that. Colorful, layered patterns of generic illustrative themes that were playing with the overall generic styles of triangles and patterns I saw everywhere—that big, fat, worldwide internet influence. I felt I had to push this for some time to get it out of my system, kind of a reactionary approach that gradually led to my more abstract, introvert work later on.”

“[…] That internet impact started for me around 2004 with Fotolog, an early HTML Facebook-type photo-sharing webpage. Suddenly you saw stuff from, let’s say Barcelona or São Paulo, on a daily basis. It was all reduced to pictures, not experiences, day in and day out. It offered an amazing insight into so many lives, although you never met these people for real. It was very addictive, though you were only supposed to post one picture a day.”

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Niels Post is beeldend kunstenaar en actief als mede-oprichter van Hij is opgeleid aan de AKI in Enschede en het San Francisco Art Institute. Zijn werk is wereldwijd te zien geweest op videofestivals, tentoonstellingen en als zelfinitiatief in de openbare ruimte. Spam, computer gegenereerde tekst die niemand wil maar die overal opduikt, vormt de laatste jaren het basismateriaal van zijn beroepspraktijk. Post gebruikt het voor interventies op leegstaande winkelramen, wandsculpturen en ruimtevullende installaties.

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