Félix González-Torres

Félix González-Torres

“Untitled” (Lover Boys), 355 pounds of candies, the equivalent of the combined weight of the artist and his partner (Link)

“Gonzalez-Torres’s candy pieces are […] sweet and sad eulogies that consist of piles of individually wrapped chocolates or hard candies that exactly match the artist’s or his lover’s body weight and which are gradually consumed by the gallery’s visitors.”


Caleb M Larsen

A computer program continuously scans the headlines of 4,500 news sources, looking for people who have been reported killed. Each time it finds an article, an algorithm determines the number of deaths, and instructs a ceiling-mounted mechanism built from Legos to drop one yellow BB per person. (Link)

Candy-kunst van Caleb M. Larsen, The SnackFax van Christopher Kucinski, Britta Riley en Tikva Morowati en Edible Interface van Erin Elliott bij:

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