Don Davis

Don Davis

“Space colonies capable of comfortably housing millions counter rotate in pairs, surrounded by cable secured mirrors and agricultural modules.”

Don Davis

“The assembly of the ‘Stanford Torus’, detailing the proposed ‘chevron shields’ above the glass ‘skylights’. The interior is shown primarily hollowed out and heavily planted. Most other depictions show the colony crammed with lavels of high density housing. Ugh.”

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  1. NP says:

    “Stumble across the paintings of Rick Guidice and Don Davis in some dark corner of the Internet one evening, and you might think they are pages from an old pulp magazine. They were in fact commissioned by NASA forty years ago to accompany scientific reports, fleshing out what seemed, at the time, a plausible future of colonies in Earth’s orbit.”

    The Men Who Made Space Colonies Look Like Home:

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