Saved by Droog

Wannabe mirror
Designer: Minale – Maeda
Material: mirror + plastic, coloured film
Lot: #2859 (8 mirrors) (Link)

Stap I:

“Every month about 500 companies in the Netherlands go bankrupt. Where do their products go? In the past several months we have been bidding on liquidation auction items ranging from handkerchiefs to dog baskets. We acquired 5135 items”

Stap II:

“Having invited 14 designers to consider these items as raw material for creative re-interpretation, the result is a new collection of 19 products”

Stap III: Hop naar de Salone del Mobile in Milan. Droog presents 5135 items saved from liquidation sales and other leftovers

Mouth-watering spoon

Designer: Marije Vogelzang
Material: wooden spoon + silicone
Lot: #2442 (102 wooden spoons)

Roll-on scent, Designer: Eric Klarenbeek

An honest perfume bottle for synthetic-free masculine, feminine and ‘the odd one out’ perfume. Roll the marble over your skin.

A special treatment to the items that were not selected by any designer.

Alle re-used, superused, recycled, upcycled items van Droog meta-design:

(Via HappyFamousArtists)

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3 Responses

  1. Energiek Chicago says:

    Moeilijk. Moeizaam ook.

  2. JB says:

    “Het Utrechtse Centraal Museum heeft op de vakbeurs Salone del Mobile in Milaan alle stukken uit de nieuwste collectie van Droog Design gekocht.”

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