Crystal Pillars, 2012

Constant Dullaart, Crystal Pillars


“…a reaction to Dullaart’s Terms Of Service performance at New York’s New Museum in 2012. During this performance, Dullaart publicly gave away the password to his Facebook account.”

Video-essay door Constant Dullaart. Onder andere bovenstaande foto komt aan bod. Filmtip van de avond. (video na de klik)

“Filmed on his phone(s) in the five years leading up to this performance, as part of a video diary of the artist’s real life social experiences during his time on Facebook, Dullaart also reflects on
abandoning this online identity through several narrated texts, a combination of his own thoughts, those of Mark Zuckerberg, Lil B, Christopher Poole, Henna Hyvärinen and the Facebook Terms of Service.”

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