Régine Debatty’s (We Make Money Not Art) nieuwjaarsvoornemen


Thumbs up for Régine:

“[…] actually there will be less interactive installations unless they propose something more than “images that change shapes and colours when you wave your hand/jump around/sing La Macarena.” No more interactive entertainment but only interactive art. I’m still an awfully incompetent new media art expert but gone are the days when i’d post anything just because it could be activated remotely by a mobile phone.”

“[…] because new media art has rekindled my interest for contemporary art in general, there will be more art of the “traditional” kind. […] as time passes it matters less to me whether there’s electronics or bio-reactors involved in the creative process. That said, my focus and passion will still be “artists messing around with technology.

And (interactive) design? Much the same i guess.”


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  1. hey, that’s kind of you. but sh… i was going to mention your blog in two of my upcoming posts (one on wmmna, one on “the other blog”), hope you won’t think that i’ll do that because i feel obliged. i do love Trendbeheer.

  2. Spannend! (Makes me curious about the upcoming posts. All the posts but specially those with trendbeheer in it. [emoticon])

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