Inflation, the Sister of Death


Na afgelopen weekend (‘the $5 trillion mess‘) gelden oude regels niet meer. Slecht nieuws volgt zich nu in rap tempo op (iemand een ABP-pensioen?), en de Cassandra’s van deze wereld blijven steeds maar gelijk krijgen. Slecht nieuws in termen als rente, inflatie, lenen, bankcrisis is voor anderen. Elaine Meinel Supkis blijft het uitleggen als een zwart sprookje, a morality play, met wederkerende figuren als seksbeluste groene dwergen, de godin van oneindigheid, Iran Kitty, de chinese draak, en iedere keer een mooie cartoon! Supkis, vandaag:

Well, the computer began to run to infinity to my mother’s horror and I ran off, crying. I thought I was going to destroy the entire planet earth! [..] Well, every once and a while, the gnomes running the banking systems throw cats like Iran Kitty, onto the keyboards and the numbers suddenly begin to move to infinity. And this end’s today’s lesson in ‘Magic Money, Cats and Naughty Little Girls.’

The Magic Of Zero And Goddess Of Inflation

Of gisteren:

This weekend, some racers running up an Alpine mountain perished in a summer blizzard. The story is remarkable because it shows clearly how bizarre people think when they lose all sight of reality and limitations imposed by natural forces.
No one ever said, ‘Sorry, you can’t borrow any more money.’ So we kept on borrowing. Since no one demanded that we balance any of our books, we ran all our systems from top to bottom, in the red. The obvious storms this was generating was ignored. We ran straight into this tsunami/hurricane/blizzard half naked, drunk on power. If no one rescues us, we die.

Climbing In A Blizzard To The Death

Iedere eindtijd vraag om zijn Cassandra’s en ze zijn niet allemaal zo kleurrijk als Supkis, bijvoorbeeld deze doemzegger die tegenwoordig niet meer zo weggelachen wordt: Peter Schiff on CNN, Fox News, CNBC. (youtube archief).
Of deze: “Barclays Capital has advised clients to batten down the hatches for a worldwide financial storm, warning that the US Federal Reserve has allowed the inflation genie out of the bottle“.

Tijd voor vreemde geruchten:

In a nutshell, what happened is that Monday morning [14 juli, red], all the major mortgage banks in the U.S. issued some kind of order or decree, that they would cease conducting any kind of workouts or negotiations with borrowers, and instead foreclose on every home they could.
One super scary thing that someone mentioned to me as a possibly explanation is that maybe the banks have gotten together and agreed to try a “suicide gambit” — basically threatening to eradicate themselves (which is what unchecked foreclosures would do at this point) if the government doesn’t bail them out (as it plans to for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). This would be the most terrifying thing I could imagine — especially for homeowners — because as we’ve learned by messing with suicide bombers, there ain’t much you can do to fight someone who’s willing to die for their cause.

BLACK MONDAY 2008: Foreclosure Apocalypse?

De uitspraak van Poetin over de Amerikaanse regering lijkt ook hier van toepassing: “mad people wielding razor blades“.

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  1. De Fransen voorspelden al in 2007:

    “Concerning the United States, the evolution of Wall Street’s mechanisms is extremely puzzling. If normal market rules were at play, the main indicators should be down by 50 to 60 percent at the beginning of 2009. However, due to growing interventionism on the part of US authorities on US stock values (resulting from the bursting of the housing bubble and the ongoing crisis) and contingent on the political evolutions LEAP/E2020 anticipates could result from America’s “Very Great Depression”, it is more difficult to make a accurate forecast.

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