Dead Darlings Zwarte Ruyter – uitpak en inrichting

Een magisch uitpakmoment digitaal gevangen.

Kijkdagen 4 en 5 februari bij de Zwarte Ruyter.

Witte handschoenen

a) Claudia Doms
b) Diederick Overbeke
c) Emily Kocken
d) Erwin Thomasse

a) Eugen Georg
b) Fiona Weir
c) Frank Koolen
d) Hans Wilschut

a) Ingeborg Kopp
b) Isolde Woudstra
c) Rachel Whiteread
d) Aldo Kroese

a) Marlene Dumas
b) Olaf Mooij
c) De belastingdienst
d) Risk Hazekamp

a) Sander Reijgers
b) Bonno Van Doorn
c) Kim Dijkstra
d) Jeroen Bosch

a) Anouk Griffioen
b) Nadine Hottenrott
c) Heleen van der Hoogt
d) D. Hirst
e) Hester Scheurwater
f) Villeroy & Boch

a) Pablo Picasso
b) Rudy Fuchs
c) Jeroen Bosch
d) Niels Post

a) Konstantinos Koutsospyros
b) Judith Vogt
c) Anouk Griffioen
d) Aquil Copier

a) Ben Pointeker
b) Erwin Thomasse
c) Hans Wilschut
d) Helmut Newton

a) Annika Hauke
b) Roeland Beijderwellen
c) Sander Reijgers
d) Satijn Panyigay

Niet door de selectie gekomen wegens te doorzichtig: een vroege Joep van Lieshout

Keihard bijhouden wie wat waar hangt

a) Jan de Bruin
b) Claudia Doms
c) Jetske Verhoeven
d) Joncquil de Vries

a) Marlene Dumas
b) Olaf Mooij
c) De belastingdienst
d) Risk Hazekamp

a) Judith Vogt
b) Bonno Van Doorn
c) Tijs Bakker

Kijkdagen 4 en 5 februari bij de Zwarte Ruyter.

(Ssst, niet verder twitteren: er zitten waarlijke MEESTERWERKEN tussen… )

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  1. Vanavond is eigenlijk de eerste kijkdag al!
    Van 18.00 tot 21.00 uur……

  2. Ennu vlieg-tuig we hebben je nog gevraagd om iet in te leveren, maar tjsa nie gedaan…dus als je elke keer blijft “beweren” dat het nep is dan komt het ook niet verder.

  3. out of desperation a month ago I was contacted by the “organizers”, begging me to send them some names of people who might want to join the Dead Darling show- I sent around an email,

    later I find out that the Dead Darling show was being curated. I coud not believe this, so, having the chance to meet one of the “organizers”, and telling it how i feel, about how the show is about Dead Darlings, and how can you curate this concept-?…. The first response i got was, well….there are too many applications wedon’t have enough time…and then, after fighting through my tears and trying to speak some sense, I was told – well…. do it your self differently…
    Well, actually this is not about the Dead Darlings show- in fact I never really gave a shit about it, I never sent them anything- how do i distinguish what is dead or alive- if its alive its been sold, and since that never happens, i would be sending my whole broken body of work.

    But the point is this. Most of the artist I know, including myself, have a very hard time is making ends meet- we are mostly struggling to make a living and on top of that, we are trying to make the time to make work. Idon’t believe that there is any place in our artistic landscape for a show about misery which is being curated. If we don’t stop these kind of shows, and defend the last bit of honor we have (we do control at least the fate of our work-in the bin) then there is no reason to make art any more-… The show is not so important, but the Truth is, we have the power to kill our art, and for sure nobody has the right to tell us if something is dead enough for their show.

  4. Don’t get things confused the theme of this Dead Darlings edition was Masterpiece which is “A theme that finally gives the artists a chance to exhume some of those works that lay in waiting, tucked away in the attic”

    Furthermore you shouldn’t whine whats the point in that? If you like it join in if you dont like it do something yourself. You never know you might even sell something.

  5. Interesting to hear about the curation. More interesting even, is to see on the list of names that there were at least 3 4th year-students photography of the HKU participating. So it is not only about dead darlings, but also about premature darlings.

  6. ET, maybe you should whine some more, could make what you have to say a bit more interesting. Or maybe you should focus more on selling the writing.

  7. There where more then 100 submissions. A selection had to be made or else the whole auction would have taken place for hours untill the morning. There is no sense in that!

    Everyone who submitted a work was replied that we would let them asap if they would be selected and be part of the auction.

    Because we where so busy it was hard to inspect everyone if he or she is still on an academy. We are no private dicks here!

    The first criteria was the quality of the works.

    Maybe people should read the open call as well when they want to submit something where they want to participate.

    Grow up!

    It was a great event!

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