Marc Bijl and Silke Koch @ Tinderbox, Hamburg

The Stereolith, 2010

Marc Bijl and Silke Koch @ Tinderbox, Hamburg

Videostills from “what is Going to happen” 3min18 2010, Silke Koch

Silke Koch, rocket sketch, 2009

Lest We Forget (Faceculture) video, 5min36, 2005 Marc Bijl

Abstract Activism (wallpainting Nr. 4)

Silke Koch, “Point of No Return” 2008 and Gravitys Rainbow, 2009

New Leipzig, 2006

Silke Koch, Evil Empire (Ein Gespenst geht um) 2008
Marc Bijl, Burning Peace, 2005 (courtesy Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam)

Silke Koch, New Leipzig Map/Flag

Silke Koch, “Gravitys Rainbow” Rockets from The Evil Empire Sculpture Serie (porcelain, plastic, metal, glass, two-component glue), ca. 45cm x Ø 13cm, 2008-2009

Silke Koch, Evil Empire 2008

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